The Brass Monocle | Sunglasses
Browse and learn more about Brass Monocle's collection of sunglasses at their CORE and Mount Royal Locations.
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Find your Dream Sunglasses Today


The Brass Monocle has a large, ever-changing selection of high-end, high-quality sunglasses at the downtown CORE and Mount Royal locations. You will find endless iconic styles and brands of shades to suite your own personal style.

We carry custom unique frames you won’t find anywhere else in Calgary including the latest in men’s and women’s sunglass fashions.

At the Brass Monocle you can buy specialty, prescription (RX), and polaroid sunglasses.  You have the flexibility to design your own sunglasses working from a wide variety of in stock frames. Here are a few of our current top picks and favourites from: GLCOKuboraum, and Jacques Marie Mage.


If you have any questions about our current stock or collections, please let us know.