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Let’s Talk Sunglasses

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Let’s Talk Sunglasses

Most people know Calgary gets a lot of sun year round, but did you know we average just under 2400 hours of bright sun each year, spread over 333 days!? That means, in Calgary, over half of our daylight hours are filled with bright sun. With all of this glorious sun bathing down on us, it can certainly attribute to our cheerful attitudes. However, it also means we’re exposing our eyes to an awful lot of harmful UV rays. The good news is, we now have an extra reason to invest in some fashion forward, high quality sunglasses.

Trends generally last a little longer in the sunglass realm, as we’ve seen with the oversized and classic tortoise or black acetate styles. Additionally, when you purchase high quality and well made sunglasses, they really can last and can become that amazing statement piece. Just don’t forget them in a restaurant or store!

We have a large and always changing selection of sunglasses in both our downtown Calgary and 17th Ave SW location. Here are a few of our current top picks and favourites from: GLCOTheo by Tim Van Steenbergen, Kuboraum, Salt Optics, and Jacques Marie Mage: